The 2017 Yalta International Economic Forum: record agreements and international delegates

The event date : 22.04.2017

The recent Yalta International Economic Forum has reiterated its status of a major international business venue for effective discussion of matters of global agenda. Representatives of Russia’s four biggest business associations took part in the forum: Business Russia, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Opora of Russia. Alexei Goncharov, Director, Business Development, Trest Zapsibgidrostroy, attended the forum on behalf of our company.

The 2017 Yalta forum gathered more than 2,200 attendees, or nearly twice as many as in 2016. Moreover, 220 international delegates from 46 countries also visited the event. In terms of attendance, the Yalta forum is the biggest international business event in Crimea’s entire history. Crimea’s head Sergei Aksyonov personally spent some time practically with every one of the forum attendees; even before the opening, he had announced he was ready and willing to meet every potential investor.

With its stronger stature, the forum reflects attention paid to the event on the part of the leadership of the Russian Federation. President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent a greeting to the forum attendees, saying, in particular, “I would like to welcome you on the occasion of the opening of the Third Yalta International Economic Forum, which is considered, and with good reason, a much-in-demand venue for discussing development of the Republic of Crimea <...>. I am convinced that this forum will also be held in a productive vein, will launch new prospective projects.” At a large plenary session of the forum, the following dignitaries took the floor: Sergei Kirienko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, and Sergei Ivanov, Special Representative of the President of Russia for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport. Kozak emphasized the significance of the Yalta forum as an “efficient venue for showcasing investment attraction of Crimea.” Other VIPs who took part in the forum were Mikhail Men, Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector, Sergei Donskoy, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology, Igor Barinov, Head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities, and other officials.

Alexei Goncharov made a presentation at the workshop “Business Navigation across Business Russia,” where he unveiled his vision how effectiveness of the business and government interaction could be improved, how efficiency of institutes for development could be promoted at the regional level, and he also broached the issue of development of entrepreneurship in Crimea. The key proposals voiced by Alexei Goncharov were included in the final resolution of the workshop “Business Navigation across Business Russia” of the 2017 Yalta international forum and will be submitted for consideration to the Economic Development Ministry of Russia.

The forum opened on April 20 and worked for three days in a row. More than 2,000 businessmen, politicians, statesmen and public figures, representatives of Russian and foreign media attended the event.

The following foreign VIPs took part in the business forum: Laurențiu Rebega, a member of the European Parliament (Romania), Andros Kyprianou, Secretary-General of the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL), Giorgos Lillikas, a former Foreign Minister of Cyprus and Chairman of the Citizens’ Alliance party, Johannes Hübner, Member of Austria’s National Council, and Austrian Senator Hans-Jörg Jenewein, a Member of the Federal Council for the Freedom Party of Austria, Detlef Wimmer, Deputy Mayor of the city of Linz (Austria), Senators of the Italian Parliament Bartolomeo Amidei (the Forza Italia party) and Sergio Divina (the Lega Nord party), Giuseppe Raffa, President of the Province of Reggio Calabria, Roberto Ciambetti, Chairman of the Regional Council of Veneto (Italy), Stefano Valdegamberi, Deputy of the Regional Council of Veneto and the author of a resolution on the recognition of the outcome of the Crimean referendum (Italy), Samil Ayrim, Head of the Board of Directors of Özgün İnşaat and member of the Board of Directors of Marmara Group Foundation (Turkey), Jean-Pierre Thomas, Director of investment company Thomas Vendome Investment (France), and others.

Contracts, memoranda and project implementation agreements were signed on the sidelines of the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum for a total amount of investments of about 100 bln rubles, which is 30 bln rubles more than at the 2016 Yalta forum.


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