Steel pipe sheet piles

Welded pipe sheet piles are intended for use in hydraulic, transport, industrial and civil construction in the design of sheet pile walls of the capital and temporary structures. Welded pipe sheet piles are used to prevent the sideslopes of roads and road junctions from collapsing, in the construction of river berths, embankments and lock chambers, to protect shores against erosion, to strengthen the foundations of pits and trenches.

Welded pipe sheet piles may be used for design and construction of retaining walls and road junctions in urban areas, and in case some severe restrictions are available, with regard to an impact provided on the environment, water facilities and residential areas.

Trest Zapsibgidrostroy has pioneered the development of steel pipe sheet piles and their use in construction of various hydraulic engineering structures since the USSR period. Based on research and the results of design work, welded pipe sheet piles of Trest Zapsibgidrostroy LLC (Trest ZSGS) have been used in construction of the retaining walls of transport facilities since the 90-es of the 20th century. It took Trest Zapsibgidrostroy twenty-five years of hard work on improvement of the designs and technologies to actually create a new direction (style) in the construction of thin retaining walls. The interlocks of Trest Zapsibgidrostroy thought out to the smallest details are convenient and reliable in operation. Launching of production of the patented domestic hot rolled connector has ensured a complete import substitution. The unique construction and engineering features as well as performance characteristics of the retaining walls made of the welded pipe sheet piles of Trest ZSGS are the result of:

  • Creation of rational designs and resource-saving pipe sheets based on application of the state-of-the-art means and the achievements of the construction science, testing and adjusting the results of the research conducted at the construction objects;
  • High efficiency of the use of metal;
  • Production of sheet piles under factory conditions, on the special production lines that are developed with taking into account the specific features of application of steel sheet piles under the extreme climatic conditions in Russia;
  • Use of the equipment, with the controlled parameters, to drive sheet piles as well as use on the construction site of the general purpose cross-arms, grippers, jigs, guides and shock absorbers of the original design that ensure lower material and labor costs;
  • Cost reduction of installation and assembly of retaining walls due to the turnkey manufacturing of sheet piles under factory conditions and avoiding the necessity for their adjustment or manual trimming on the site.

Strength advantages

  • Steel pipe sheet piles have equal stiffness in any direction;
  • Welded pipe sheet piles have an exceptionally high resistance to lateral and longitudinal bending and vertical loads;
  • It is possible to substantially strengthen the constructions made of steel pipe sheet piles by substituting partially the soil inside a bearing pile for a reinforced concrete frame, by concreting or placing a beam, a channel, etc. of a smaller diameter inside the pipe;
  • Welded pipe sheet piles may get the greatest moment of resistance of the running meter of a sheet piling per unit mass in comparison with a trough profile and a Z-profile;
  • If you vary the thickness of the pipe, its steel grade, its wall and the diameter, you can scale the strength properties of the retaining wall, within a wide range of the values, for the maximum adaptation to the project objectives.

Economic benefits

  • Depending on the specific conditions on the application site, the savings can exceed 50% compared to the competing solutions in case the welded pipe sheet piles of Trest Zapsibgidrostroy produce are used. Regular, "in the metal" savings are 20 to 50% at the excess strength characteristics;
  • In comparison with sheet piles of some other kind, production cost savings are 10-15%;
  • Low cost and lower weight of a square meter of the wall made of welded pipe sheet piles distinguished by superior strength characteristics in comparison with the one of hot-rolled and beam sheet piles;
  • When producing the welded pipe sheet piles, Trest Zapsibgidrostroy welds locks only of the required working length, thus you save the most expensive elements of the locks;
  • A slight (3-5%) increase in consumption of metal in the design of steel pipe sheet piles makes it possible to improve in 1.5-1.7 times the moments of inertia and resistance;
  • A more rigid design with a smaller cross-sectional area reduces the required driving energy;

Easy in use

  • Steel pipe sheet piles allow you to use any rotation the angle of the axis of a sheet pile wall, with preservation of the design integrity and without additional welding of the transition elements;
  • You can create a large set of structures with the required resistance moment. The design solutions are easily scalable by making choice of the load-bearing member (a small spacing of the load-bearing members) with a large elastic section modulus and the moment of inertia;
  • It is possible to install the reinforced lintels in the bottom of the pile, and to insert the corrosion resistance elements in the vulnerable areas of the pile, for example, in the zone of the air-water boundary;
  • When building the walls of a closed profile, for example, in the bell dolphin structures, a sheet pile wall may be used itself as a permanent formwork;
  • If you have a driving problem, it is possible to use augers to drill the soil inside the pipe, to crush the boulders, to remove the obstacles in the form of old wooden piles and snags;