Construction of embankments and shore protection structures

The shore protection works in construction are a set of engineering and construction activities to protect the river banks, the sea shores and other bodies of water against their destruction by flows, wave loads and some other mechanical actions. In practice, the shore protection works are carried out in the areas where shore destruction threatens the human settlements, the enterprises, the transport infrastructure facilities, etc.

A unique, complex set of climatic, geological and hydrological factors essential for the Northern climate zone, as a whole, and for the other regions characterized by an excessive water content, presence of water currents, and wave loads on a coastal strip determines an urgent need for seeking the new effective engineering solutions in design and technology when constructing the shore protection structures.

Such an engineering solution developed and implemented by Trest Zapsibgidrostroy at the construction of shore protection structures has become an innovative technology of steel pipe sheet piles. According to this method of construction of shore protection structures, the conventional designs of a sloping type are replaced by the designs of a semi-slope type; this replacement ensures quality, reliability, durability, low operating cost, environmental safety and architectural attraction of the structures.

Practical application of this technology on the construction sites is the best proof of its effectiveness. Welded pipe sheet piles were used by the Trest in construction of the shore protection structures on the Irtysh River in Khanty-Mansiysk, on the Angara River in Irkutsk, on the Ob River in Settlements Sytomino and Lokosovo of the Surgut district in theTyumen region, and on the Konda River in Settlement Mezhdurechensk, the Tyumen Region.