Construction of heavy cargo berths

How can an oversized cargo of 1,000 tons or even more be delivered anywhere in the country?

None of the transport forms but water can solve this problem. However, it is necessary to take into consideration various environmental issues, the coastal soil peculiarities, the delivery time, and the volume of funding during the berth construction.

Trest Zapsibgidrostroy owns the technology that makes possible solution of all the above-mentioned problems: steel pipe sheet piles. This is a bearing pile having a groove, on one side, and a lock on the other. Several piles interconnected this way form a sealed wall. The company has gained unique experience in the construction of heavy cargo berths.

The projects implemented by Trest Zapsibgidrostroy over the past five years are as follows:

  • Construction of the Ammonia Plant cargo berth in the city of Yelabuga, with the large-scale equipment weight limit of 1,350 tons (with use of cranes)
  • Construction of the cargo berth of the Novokuibyshevsk Refinery, with the handled equipment weight limit up to 1050 tons (with use of the Roll-on / Roll-off method)
  • Construction of the cargo berth and the Syzran Refinery road with the maximum gross train weight of 790 tons and the train length up to 31 meters.
  • Construction of the cargo berth of the Nyagan Power Plant
  • Construction of the cargo berth of the Kuibyshev Refinery
  • The cargo berth in the Settlement of Saranpaul