Hydraulic Engineering Structures

Construction of hydraulic engineering structures, primarily for ports and berths, is the main activity of Trest Zapsibgidrostroy associated with the development of the oil and gas industry and an active industrial development of the mineral resources in Western Siberia.

The Trest has built over 150 hydraulic engineering structures and transport facilities since the very moment of its foundation; more than 50 of them were built during the post-Soviet period.

Trust Zapsibgidrostroy is the dominant company in construction and design of the thin sheet pile walls such as "bulwark", and in production of steel pipe sheet piles and scientific support of this direction of the hydraulic and transport construction in the Russian Federation.

Trest Zapsibgidrostroy LLC conducts construction work using the most advanced pile-drilling equipment, powerful road-building equipment, machinery and equipment for the related works. We have proven the technology of vibratory driving of piles and sheet piles with the high-frequency resonance-free vibrators in a dense urban environment. The Company resources allow it to perform the entire range of hydraulic engineering and road works without outsourcing.