The plants of Trest Zapsibgidrostroy manufacture welded pipe sheet piles in compliance with the technical specifications:

  • TU 5264-002-13512256-2008 “Welded pipe sheet piles with the interlocks made of hot-rolled steel”;
  • TU 5264-003-13512256-09 “Welded pipe sheet piles”;
  • TU 5264-011-01393674-2011 “Welded pipe sheet piles for the retaining walls and the embankments on a rocky ground”;
  • TU 5264-014-01393674-2012 “Welded pipe sheet piles with the composite locks made of hot-rolled sections";

The performance characteristics of welded pipe sheet piles meet the requirements of national standard GOST R 52664-2010 "Welded Pipe Sheet Piles." All products are certified; each production lot of welded pipe sheet piles is accompanied by a certificate of quality and a certificate of conformity.