Design, construction and repair of hydraulic engineering structures

Construction of berths, shore protection, construction of bridges and dams, construction and improvement of embankments, conduct of a complex of earthworks to form water areas, territories, dams, roads and others.


Construction of multi-level transport interchanges

The process and design solutions of Trest Zapsibgidrostroy are versatile for any climate zone and various geological conditions. This is proven once again by a successful construction in Khanty-Mansiysk of the transport junctions with the retaining walls made of welded pipe sheet piles.


Construction, repair and rehabilitation of motor roads

The enterprises belonging to the group of the Zapsibgidrostroy companies have rehabilitated and repaired over 100 km of motor roads since 2000. 


Construction and reconstruction of overpasses

A low cost of work, an opportunity to economically build (in a short time) the overpasses in a limited area.


Production and supply of the certified patented steel pipe sheet piles


Manufacturing of its own, patented jaw locks (Patent No 2471042) meeting all quality standards - tensile strength 468.7 ton per 1 running meter, steel 09G2S and of a higher grade - is established at two specialized plants with the total capacity of 50,000 tons per year. The range of the products is 500 names, anti-corrosion coating applied under factory conditions is in full compliance with the management and quality system, and the environmental requirements.


It is accompanied by the manufacturer's data report and a certificate of conformity. The delivery may be carried out by the water, road and rail transport to any place in the RF and the CIS, including the remote areas of the Far North.